mercredi 14 janvier 2009

Bonjour le Monde !!!

Passionate by my iPhone since I had the first generation of this jewelry, I decided some months ago to create a Windows development environment for my mobile.

As you know, Apple has launched its own since quite some time. But first prerequisite to use it is to own Mac OS X v10.5.2. So, rather than changing my old Mac in haste and at a sacrifice, I made a incredible bet to develop my own SDK running under Windows.

This environment is already mature, but I feel that aid will start to be necessary. Therefore, I will use this blog to relate my adventures, and to ask you a little of your time and comfort in difficult times :)

17 commentaires:

  1. Hello, can i test whaat you have done ?

    Bruno (

  2. and when will we be able to see/use some results?

    great initiative btw!

  3. Any website related to the SDK itself ?
    I was just thinking of doing the same myself,
    I'd like to chat with you if possible, I'll check from time to time in here in case you agree ^^

  4. dude that's awesome,
    be sure to dump all your work into torrents or rapidshare if apple tries to shut you down.

    that way someone else can pick it up,

  5. Comment le projet vient-il le long ? Si vous avez besoin toujours d'aide, je serais disposé à vous aider de quelque façon possible, à l'exclusion du soutien monétaire.

  6. Great Job! Where can I download and try it?

  7. Wonderful, When you will realease this nice work ?

  8. Hi:
    It's what I looking for. Could I take a try ?
    Thanks !

  9. How we can try your job?

  10. hi
    very interesting... but where do you share your "secrets" ? i want to develope too. how you did it?

  11. scam scam scam, have u doe it? are u telling me all the work apple put into this ur gonna replicate urself ??? on windows, unless ur hardcore apple developer (which u r not, u dont even have a mac) u might be able to develop some shitty tool that might be able to make ur PC fart when u connect ur iphone to ur pc, good luck Scamio